thPremi fino a 100.000 USD in borse di studio ed "internships" presso i centri di ricerca GEil gruppo "Talent Acquisition" di General Electric lancia un "contest" rivolto agli studenti universitari in corso di studi fino ad almeno il 31 Dicembre 2017 chiamato "Unimpossible Mission". I partecipanti sono chiamati a presentare un'idea che riguarda la possibilità di rendere "possibile" qualcosa di apparentemente "impossibile". Unico vincolo? fare uso di una delle tecnologie o delle "expertise" avanzate di GE.

In allegato la lettera di invito ed il materiale illustrativo della iniziativa:

Dear Student,

When you decided to embark on this course of study, I like to think that you did it because you wanted to make a difference in the world. To advance science, push the boundaries of human knowledge and do things that others never thought possible.

Here's your chance to show the world what you can do.

GE is committed to solving the world's problems - no matter how challenging they might seem. And they're offering three internships at one of their Global Research Centers and a scholarship to the most ambitious student who shares their goal.

To win, you need to come up with the next experiment for their series of Unimpossible Missions, which you can watch here, here and here. If your idea is chosen, it'll be filmed and used for the next installment. I hope you'll take advantage of this fun opportunity to make people rethink what can be done in the world - and advance your career in the process.

You'll find more about the project here

Best of luck!